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Mix 1:1 with Tamco urethane grade reducer.

Designed to carry flakes, pearls & candies.

Crystal clear clarity

To catalyze, mix 16:1 with Tamco 7600 series hardener.

One coat of HC-895 used over a candy can prevent the candy from bleeding.

If you use HC-895 and leave it over night, to continue the next day, apply a fresh coat of HC-895. This will allow you to continue without having to sand. Giving you a brand new chemical adhesion to work with.

HR1360 Fast Reducer = Below 70F
HR1370 Medium Reducer = 70F - 85F
HR1380 Slow Reducer = 85F - 95F
Quart Kit makes 2 quarts ready to spray
Gallon Kit makes 2 gallons ready to spray


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