Do you sell paint?

We specialize in automotive grade pearlescent powders (Pearls), solvent resistant glitters (Metal Flakes) and easy to dissolve Candy Concentrates (Candies) powders. Automotive grade means high quality colors and effects. Didspade’s products are intended for use in automotive coatings. However, due to the quality, they are commonly used in other industries and applications (liquid wrap, epoxy, etc.).

Our products are used singularly or in combination with one another to create custom paint. All of our products are in dry form, which makes them much more affordable than pre-mixed paint.

We also carry a selection of Tamco Paint.

Please read below for application instructions and our recommendations for best practices.

How do I use Pearls?

For best results, use a three stage process. Apply base, apply pearl coats and finish with top coat clear. Please read below for specific instructions pertaining to each stage.


Choose a base color that compliments or enhances the pearl’s final appearance.

We suggest using light or bright colored pearls over a white or color-matching base. For example: use a white pearl over a white base, or brighter colors (yellows, golds, oranges) over a color-matching base. For darker colored pearls, ColorShifts & SuperShifts we suggest using a black base. White Particle ColorShift and White Particle SuperShifts can be used over bases other than black, please review the video references for examples (located in the product’s description).

All base recommendations are listed in the product description of each pearl.



In small increments, mix the recommended ratio of pearls into ready to spray intercoat clear, unless the pearl needs to be mixed in reducer first. If so, mix the pearl into the part reducer for the intercoat first and then blend together. All of our recommended mixing ratios are for ready to spray (sprayable) material.

Example: if your intercoat calls for 1:1 ratio of reducer to intercoat, then 64oz of reducer and 64oz of intercoat is one sprayable gallon.

If you are not using traditional automotive paint, you can mix Pearls into a base clear and follow the same steps outlined in these instructions.
Mix thoroughly to make sure Pearls are properly dispersed, let settle and mix a few times before spraying. In some cases, additional reducers/thinners may be needed to maintain sprayability.

Follow the mixing ratio chart below. 

Solid Pearls

50g per sprayable gallon

Interference Pearls

25g per sprayable gallon over dark bases

50g per sprayable gallon over light bases

ColorShift Pearls

75g per sprayable gallon

White Particle ColorShifts

50g per sprayable gallon

SuperShift Pearls®

25g per sprayable gallon

SuperShift Flakes®

10g per sprayable gallon

Holographic Pearl v2

Black base will produce the strongest effect. 

10g-15g per sprayable gallon at 2-3 coats.


Dark gray base effect is stronger than a silver base but smoother than a black base. 

10g-15g per sprayable gallon at 2-3 coats


Black/Dark Gray bases can take on the color of the pearl (silver) at higher ratios/too many coats, and lose vibrancy of the holographic effect.


Silver/Light gray base will produce a smooth silver holographic effect. 

20g per sprayable gallon at 2-3 coats. 

Can use up to 25g per gallon, however applying too much pearl will result in a subtler effect.

Apply pearl coats over the base until you reach the desired amount of coverage. Most of our pearls reach full coverage in approximately 2-4 coats. Please note, if spraying a light colored pearl over a darker base color, additional coats will be required to achieve full coverage.

For best results, follow the coating manufacturer’s recommended flash time in between coats, according to the temperature you are spraying in.


Finish with a UV protected clear coat (typically 2-3 coats). For best results, follow the coating manufacturer’s recommended flash time in between coats, according to the temperature you are spraying in.



How do I use Metal Flakes?

For best results, mix Flakes into intercoat clear. Some users mix Flakes into top coat clear, however this adds a level of difficulty to the application and we recommend using intercoat.
If you are not using traditional automotive paint, you can mix Flakes into a base clear, gloss clear, or suspension clear and follow the same steps outlined below.


Flakes can be applied over any base color. However, we suggest choosing a base color that’s complimentary to your flake. For example, choosing a base that is 4-5 shades darker than your flake can create the illusion of fuller coverage in 2 coats.


Choose a flake size that best suits your needs. Smaller flakes (0.004 and 0.008) are commonly referred to as Micro Flakes. Micro flakes will produce a subtle sparkle effect, and larger flakes reflect more light which amplifies their sparkling effects. For a smooth finish, larger flake sizes (0.015, 0.025) will increase knockdown/sanding and require more coats of top coat clear.

*If using flake other than Chrome (silver), please take caution not to sand through your coating layer or the color can be removed from the flake (exposing the silver aluminum layer). 


Gravity guns and siphon guns (with filters removed) work well. Hand agitation/swirling the gun between panels is helpful to keep flakes suspended in the gun’s hopper.

Dry flake guns are another option, however this in a two-part application that requires two guns: a standard HVLP gun & dry flake gun.

Part 1: Use HVLP to spray clear coating onto surface (only clear no flake!). This will create a wet surface for the flake to adhere to.

Part 2: While clear is still wet, use dry flake gun to cover the area with flake. We recommend working in smaller areas when using a dry flake application to avoid the clear in Part 1 drying.


Please be sure to use an appropriate spray gun tip size, to allow for proper passage of the flake.

For strong flake coverage in each coat you may need to increase tip size from the minimum recommended size listed below.

Flake Size

Gun Tip Size


2.5mm or greater


1.7mm or greater


1.5mm or greater


1.3mm or greater


0.8mm or greater


1.8mm or greater


Filter clear/reducer before mixing flake. Once flake is mixed in, you cannot filter or it will get trapped.

Mix flake into clear with stirring stick. Add small increments (1-3 tablespoons per quart of ready to spray material) at a time until you have reached the desired effect. While mixing, quickly remove the stirring stick to help you gauge flake coverage.

After mixing, pour mixture into the cup of your gun, but DO NOT use a filter. Also, please remember your gun’s filter must be removed before pouring.


Gun should not be too far from the surface, 4-5 inches is ideal. Spray 1-2 coats. Try not to apply more than two coats because this increases roughness, which can lengthen the smoothing/sanding process.
For best results, follow the coating manufacturer’s recommended flash time in between coats, according to the temperature you are spraying in.

Additional flow coats may be required after sanding.

How do I use Didspade Candies?

Didspade Candy Concentrates are powders that get dissolved into solvents (reducer) to create intensely vibrant color tinted solutions that can be added to intercoat clear while maintaining transparency. The Candy application process is more advanced than our Pearls and Flakes. Please follow these steps carefully.


Candies are commonly used over metallic bases, mainly silver and gold. Base material can be Metal Flake or Pearl depending upon desired effect. Other base colors can be used.


Mix powders into solvent based reducer (use separate cup), stir and let settle. Repeat this process to allow time for the powder to fully dissolve. DO NOT MIX INTO ANYTHING OTHER THAN REDUCER IN THIS STEP. POWDER WILL NOT DISSOLVE CORRECTLY.


5g will tint 1 quart sprayable
20g will tint 1 gallon sprayable

Ratios can be adjusted, per your discretion, to darken or lighten the tint.

Once dissolved, filter the concentrated solution into the part intercoat or binder.

Example: if your intercoat calls for 1:1 ratio of reducer to intercoat, then 16oz of reducer and 16oz of intercoat is one sprayable quart. Mix 5g of Candy into 16oz reducer only first to dissolve. In a separate cup pour 16oz of intercoat. Once candy is fully dissolved, you can filter this solution into the part intercoat cup.


To gauge the tint/number of coats and effect over your base, we recommend spraying a test panel. With Candies, it is extremely important to spray coats evenly (distance, speed, overlap). Uneven spraying patterns will show variance in color.

Spray 2-4 even coats over base until you have achieved the desired color. Each additional coat will slightly darken tint.

Finish with a UV protected clear coat. Follow the coating manufacturer’s recommended flash time in between coats, according to the temperature you are spraying in.

What types of safety equipment do I need?

We always recommend using proper safety equipment, such as: protective eyewear, protective clothing and most importantly a NIOSH approved respirator during your application and while handling products.

What else can I use your products for?

Aside from automotive paint, our products can be used for liquid wrap and dipping your car, epoxy, flooring, carpentry, masonry, hobbies, crafts and many other artistic applications.

What types of shipping options are available?

We offer services from USPS, FedEx and DHL. Choose a service that best fits your needs.


Domestic Shipping

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USPS First Class/Economy

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International Shipping

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DHL Worldwide

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FedEx Economy

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2-3 days

Delivery times vary depending upon the destination and time of year. Delays are common during the holiday season.

What about overnight Saturday delivery for FedEx?

Please call 480-588-6355 for an overnight quote that includes Saturday delivery.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please call 480-588-6355 or email us at sales@didspade.com.

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