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Experience the groundbreaking innovation of CAR-REP® 2K eCOAT, a revolutionary 2-component epoxy coating housed in a single-compartment can. This cutting-edge formula creates an exceptionally durable, water, and airtight coating with unmatched strength. With easy application and impressive coverage of up to 2.5 m2 (27 sq ft), this product stands out as the ultimate choice for professionals seeking excellence in quality and performance, especially when used as the ground coat for Didspade Custom cans available in Black, White, and Grey.

Key Features:

  • Original 2K Quality: Incorporating the revolutionary WISE 2K™ technology, this product offers premium quality and performance.

  • Corrosion Protection and Quality Adhesion: Provides a strong bond and superior corrosion resistance when applied directly to metal OEM finishes, old paint, and most plastics.

  • Efficient Usage: The entire product can be used without any paint wastage. Simply clear the valve and store it for future use.

  • Ready-to-Use: No activation required, ensuring convenience and ease of application.

  • Versatile Application: Suitable for direct application to metal and most plastics, meeting OEM requirements for 2K Epoxy on bare metal surfaces.

  • Handling and Curing: Offers a handle time of 30 minutes to 1 hour, with a full cure time of 14 to 21 days. The curing process continues under body filler, urethane primer, and basecoat.

WISE 2K® Technology:

WISE 2K® is a patented 2-component aerosol paint technology that introduces a revolutionary unlimited potlife feature. Both the WISE 2K® epoxy and polyurethane technologies contain a deactivated hardener and resin in a single compartment can, eliminating the need for activation or mixing. The technology allows for easy shaking and spraying, with reactions occurring during application. This true 2-component technology delivers maximum adhesion and protection against corrosion, chemicals, UV rays, and scratches.

WISE 2K® products can be used repeatedly until the can is empty without the risk of premature hardening, making them ideal for spot repairs and small to medium-sized objects. Choose CAR-REP® 2K eCOAT with WISE 2K® technology for outstanding results and unparalleled convenience in your coating projects.

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