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Discover the Automotive Aerosol Primer Filler by Car-Rep® - a revolutionary solution for preparing automotive surfaces. Engineered for outstanding performance, the Car-Rep 2K Epoxy Primer Filler is a cutting-edge epoxy blend crafted to provide flawless anti-corrosion properties. Its impressive filling power guarantees a seamless surface, with quick drying and exceptional sandability.

Available in light and dark grey. Take advantage of the innovative long pot life feature of this product, powered by WISE 2K™ technology, which minimizes paint waste and maximizes efficiency without the need for immediate activation. Simply clear the valve and store it on the shelf for later use.

For superior adhesion and top-notch corrosion resistance, we recommend pairing this primer with the Car-Rep 2K Epoxy Primer. Tailored to create a long-lasting, anti-corrosive base coat, it offers exceptional filling power for a perfect finish.

Car-Rep® Primer Filler This advanced primer is suitable for various surfaces including bare aluminum, bare and galvanized steel, OEM finishes, old paint, and most plastics, making it the ultimate choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking excellence in quality and performance.

- Flash time: 3 minutes

- Dust dry: 15 minutes

- Touch dry: Achieved within 60 minutes

- Polish-able: Overnight for a refined finish

- Final hardness and chemical resistance: Fully optimized within 8-10 days for enduring protection

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