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Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy Primer Sealer with anti-corrosion pigments creates a humidity and chemical-resistant surface, serving as an adhesion bridge layer for putties without the need for sanding. It is suitable for various metals (including galvanized metal, aluminum, copper, brass), carbon fiber substrates, and most plastics used in automotive OEM applications. This primer can be applied outside of spray booths, providing convenience and efficiency.

- Original 2K quality with revolutionary Wise 2K™ technology
- Extended potlife: Entire product can be utilized without waste
- Ready-to-use: No activation necessary
- Exceptional adhesion and chemical resistance
- High anti-corrosion properties
- Offers corrosion protection and quality adhesion
- Handling time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
- Full curing time: 14 to 21 days (continuous curing under body filler, urethane primer, and basecoat)
- Complies with OEM requirements for 2K Epoxy on bare metal

This product saves time and money in a shop environment.

Wise 2K® is a patented 2-component aerosol paint technology with an unlimited potlife. Both Wise 2K® epoxy and polyurethane technologies feature a deactivated hardener and resin in a single compartment can, requiring no activation or mixing—simply shake and spray. There is no reaction inside the can; reactions occur when the products are sprayed. The deactivated hardener reactivates upon exposure to atmospheric pressure and humidity, followed by components crosslinking to create carbon-to-carbon bridges. Wise 2K® provides maximum adhesion, corrosion, chemical, UV, and scratch resistance. It is a true 2-component technology, distinct from moisture curing, and can be used repeatedly until the can is empty without premature hardening. Ideal for spot repairs and small to medium-sized objects.

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