HP-5311 DTM 2K High Build Primer 4:1 Black

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Your foundation is the most important step for any project or repair.

HP-5311 builds like a polyester, is a true direct to metal, doesn't crack, won't shrink on sand scratches, is easy to sand, can be "value shaded", and can be used as a sealer (when reduced).

This primer has a perfect amount of flexibility built in. It's not brittle or prone to cracking (like poly filler "primers" are).

This primer will not shrink. It's 65% solids. Builds like crazy, can be sanded in as soon as 45 minutes. Blocks like butter! Temperatures come into play with sanding times.

This primer should be topcoated within 2-3 months.

Do not leave it in the elements unprotected, store inside only.

Mix HP-5311 4:1:2 and create a DTM sealer
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It's extremely thick. Most spray reduced at about 10% with a urethane reducer. If spraying 4:1 use a 2-2.2 tip no reducer.

The more you reduce, the more the build will be cut.
HP-5300 Series Tech Sheet

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