Holographic Pearl v2

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  Holographic Effect


  Size 15-35um  

Always spray a test panel to gauge coverage & effect
Black base will produce the strongest effect.
  • 10g-15g per sprayable gallon at 2-3 coats.
Dark gray base effect is stronger than a silver base but smoother than a black base.
  • 10g-15g per sprayable gallon at 2-3 coats
Black/Dark Gray bases can take on the color of the pearl (silver) at higher ratios/too many coats, and lose vibrancy of the holographic effect.
Silver/Light gray base will produce a smooth silver holographic effect.
  • 20g per sprayable gallon at 2-3 coats. 
Can use up to 25g per gallon, however applying too much pearl will result in a subtler effect.
1g sample will mix 5oz - 13oz (depending on desired effect and ratio strength)
    *1g samples not eligible for return or exchange, no exceptions*


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