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Sample Pack includes 1g sample of each of the SuperShift Pearls and 1g of the Holographic v2 Pearl at 10% off

Colors included: Aloha, Arson, Assasin, Atlas, Blue Iris, Elevation, Elixir, Geo Midas, Ghost Town, Maverick, Molotov, Nitron, Oracle, Phoenix, Samba, Shellshock, Solis, Sonic, Sour Lava, Supernova, Tundra Rose, Twisted Guava, Urban Ivy, Vega, Zionic & Holographic v2 Pearl

*Samples not eligible for return or exchange, no exceptions*


  • SuperShift - 1g will mix 5oz sprayable
  • Holographic v2 - 1g will mix 5oz - 13oz (depending on desired effect and ratio strength)

1g will mix up enough to spray multiple speed shapes. Speed shapes are perfect for testing and displaying. Click here to shop Speed Shapes.