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Multi-use CLEAR adhesion promoter (no pink hue like many other on the market).

Can be used on raw plastics (ex: bumpers before applying primers or top coats).

Can also use on hard to reach ares without the risk of delamination.
Example: Door jambs. Properly clean surface, apply HP-2010, and topcoat jambs without the need for sanding.

On the custom side, HP-2010 has a wide variety of uses.

It can be applied directly to metal with no need for sanding. Polished aluminum looks amazing but will begin to lose its luster. HP-2010 can be applied directly on top of polished aluminum and then clear coated for a lifelong durable shine. It dries clear and will not add any discoloration.

Custom painters often find that they have exceeded the recoat window for the next coat of paint. Apply HP-2010 and you can start back on your work after a short flash time without having to sand.

HP-2010 Tech Sheet