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ColorShift complete aerosol kits are easy-to-use and create striking color-changing effects, providing the ultimate color experience. Kits are designed with premium materials, featuring Didspade Custom Spray Cans and Car-Rep's renowned automotive spray paints. This ensures that the kits deliver a mind blowing chameleon effect that will leave a lasting impression. C10 is a Red Orange Gold Shifting Pearl.

Kits contents: Car-Rep 2k eCoat Sealer, Didspade Custom Spray Can, Car-Rep 2K high gloss clear coat. Each kit will cover 8sqft. 

Begin with a clean surface, we suggest using Wax and Grease Remover. Continue with the following a three-stage process: Start by applying the Black eCoat Sealer, then apply the pearl coats from the Didspade Custom Spray Can, and finally finish with the high gloss coat clear. 

For detailed instructions, Click Here.

C10 SuperShift® is also available in dry pearl.

Didspade Aerosol Kits offer professional results without the need for costly paint equipment. Explore vibrant colors and dynamic effects for a truly exceptional finish.