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Experience the industry's highest chroma interference effects with Didspade Ultra Interference Pearl lineup, now at your fingertips in a user-friendly spray paint can. Elevate your creations with Didspade Custom Spray Cans, filled with top-grade materials to guarantee a spectacular translucent pearlescent finish.

Ultra Magenta is a Super Fine Magenta Pink Ghost Pearl. First image shows the pearl over black and the second image shows the pearl over white.

Didspade 1k cans are ready to use - simply shake it up and spray over the recommended base color for optimal results. Spray can will cover 8sqft. 

For the best outcome, we recommend following a three-stage process. Begin by applying a basecoat or sealer, then apply the pearl coats from the Didspade Custom Spray Can, and finally finish with a UV top coat clear. For complete three-stage kits, Shop Here.

For detailed spray can instructions, Click Here.

For more pronounced color saturation, apply over black. However, this color can be used over any ground color. White and lighter ground colors will produce a more subtle effect. Click to shop our recommended Epoxy eCoat Sealers or use other compatible ground coats. Always finish with a UV-protected clear coat.

Ultra Magenta is also available in dry pearl.

Unlock a world of vibrant colors and dynamic effects with Didspade Custom Spray Cans and elevate your spray paint projects to the next level!